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Didion Autoclave - Vulcanizing Autoclave

Autoclave Systems for Rubber Curing

Didion Autoclave manufactures vulcanizing autoclave systems. These autoclaves for rubber vulcanization are referred to by various names such as vulcanizers, heaters, kettles or reactors for rubber curing applications. We have a great deal of experience in the rubber curing industry when it comes to autoclaves as we have built many in a wide range of sizes and design pressures. We can provide you with a variety of heating medium options for your rubber vulcanizing autoclave. The most common of which is either steam or electric elements. We also provide you with a variety of options when it comes to the door operation, from manual to fully automated.

The customizable controls used on our rubber bonding/vulcanizing autoclaves allow for great operational flexibility, enabling users to meet stringent performance requirements. These controls are very user friendly. Our rubber bonding autoclaves are usually used for repeat batches of product. Therefore, we are happy to pre-program your processor with your unique batch cycles making your start up much easier.

Our rubber vulcanizing autoclaves can come custom equipped with adaptable loading systems if you would like. This makes the handling and transfer of heavy component parts simple and efficient.

All our products including autoclaves, pressure vessels, and separators are manufactured in accordance to stringent ASME standards and guidelines. Our diverse engineering capabilities and experience enable us to build autoclaves to suit a wide variety of customer preferences. Whether it be size, heating medium, control package, and/or door operation we will suit your needs.

Tire Retreading Autoclave

The autoclave rubber curing process is used in the tire retreading industry. If you are looking for an autoclave for tire retreading we can accommodate you. The typical tire retreading autoclave is usually fitted with a top monorail for ease of tire handling. Just like all of our autoclaves, our tire retreading autoclaves can be customized to your request, and they are designed, manufactured, tested & inspected to meet the stringent requirements of the ASME code. Didion Autoclave is one of few tire retreading equipment manufacturers which provides systems for retreading tires of all sizes ranging from cars to airplanes to heavy equipment (OTR).

Features of Our Vulcanizing Autoclave Systems

The autoclaves manufactured by us are popular among our clients due to the following traits:

  • Ease of use
  • Unique, fool proof safety features
  • Custom designs available
  • Quality of workmanship
  • Good heat distribution
  • Durable, reliable, and low maintenance doors
  • Cost effective

Didion Autoclave’s autoclave systems for rubber curing and tire retreading are proven and reliable options for your unique application.Contact us to know how we can serve you the best!.