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Didion Autoclave – Sterilizers / Medical Waste Autoclaves

Leading Sterilization Autoclaves Manufacturer

Didion Autoclave is a leader in the design, engineering, and fabrication of sterilizer systems. We specialize in the fabrication of autoclaves, pressure vessels, and other related products that conform to stringent ASME standards and guidelines. Our steam sterilizers / autoclaves are integrated with unique safety features. Our products offer operational flexibility that allow us to meet stringent performance requirements.

At our facility, we manufacture steam sterilization autoclaves for mid to high pressure / temperature steam applications and ultra-high pressure only applications. All aspects of manufacturing are handled in-house at our facility. Our autoclave sterilizers provide consistent, high quality sterilization results. Our varied experience with autoclaves has earned us a reputation as an expert on the standards and quality considerations for the manufacturing of autoclave sterilization equipment. At Didion Autoclave, our engineers understand the market’s varying needs, and comply with the strictest international standards and directives regarding the manufacturing of autoclave sterilization equipment.

Autoclaves are widely accepted as a fast and efficient means of sterilization. Didion Autoclave designs and manufactures autoclave sterilizers and sterilizing systems for numerous applications, which include:

  • Pharmaceuticals, intravenous solutions (Large Scale)
  • Food products in jars, cans, and pouches
  • Medical waste sterilization
  • Surgical instruments and hardware (Large Scale)
  • Systems for research and development

The experienced engineering and technical staff at Didion Autoclave can provide all of the features that your steam sterilization autoclave application requires, including:

  • Quick access autoclave closure with integral mechanical interlock
  • Rotary or static product configuration
  • Continuous pressure, temperature, level control
  • Multiple steam, water cook cycles

Medical Waste Autoclaves

Didion Autoclave builds high pressure / temperature autoclaves for medical waste. We provide high quality medical waste autoclave sterilization systems to hospitals, commercial medical waste processors and pharmaceutical companies.

We source a full range of sterilization equipment to process medical waste utilizing the latest technologies. Our medical autoclave sterilizers are proven to offer a safe and economical solution for on-site processing of infectious medical waste.

We fabricate complete autoclave sterilizers, which can comply with the exact requirements of our customers. We understand that each system is unique; thus, special attention is paid right from preliminary design stages to ensure complete satisfaction with your medical waste autoclave sterilization equipment.

Didion Autoclave steam sterilization autoclaves are proven and reliable options for numerous applications and industries.Contact us