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High Quality Separators Meeting Industrial Needs

The Didion Separator Co., a subsidiary of Didion’s Mechanical, prides itself on being one of the leading companies that provides industrial clients cutting edge separators for diverse applications. We at Didion Separator have earned the trust and respect of our customers by providing high quality, impeccably designed, and robustly manufactured separators.

We offer 3 types of stock separators to our customers. (Custom designs available as needed.):

DSL (Horizontal / Vertical Down Flow):

This design works excellent when used for in-line natural gas separators. In addition to being used for natural gas separators this design can effectively separate a wide array of gas/moisture combinations. Thus providing gas that is free of moisture and other contaminants,...

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DST (Horizontal Flow):

Our DST gas liquid separator is a horizontal in-line separator designed to produce contaminant-free gas and steam. The shape of the vessel promotes efficient collection of entrained solids. The solids collect at the drain port, allowing for easy removal. This gas liquid separator design can handle a larger liquid load than our DSL design when used in the horizontal flow position....

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Verticle Up Flow Moisture Separator

DSU (Vertical Up Flow):

These moisture separators are designed to remove high amounts of liquid contaminants from various types of gas systems requiring an up flow configuration. The DSU design is often used for steam separators in order to remove the entrained droplets, condensate, and scale in applications that require dry steam. Type DSL, DST, & DSU steam or moisture separators can all be custom designed if required to suit your unique needs...

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Features of Didion’s Mechanical Separators

The features of our standard separators provide a number of application benefits to our customers:

  • They are capable of removing 99% entrainment sizing 10 microns from air, steam, and gas processes. Our custom designs can provide better efficiencies.
  • Internal elements are made from stainless steel to provide resistance to corrosion.
  • The internal elements are self-cleaning, which minimizes maintenance. This ensures maintained efficiencies unlike vane or chevron style separators.
  • Carbon steel is used to manufacture flanges,nozzles, and couplings.
  • Standard 150# units can accommodate design pressures up to 150 psig at 500° F.
  • Standard 300# units can accommodate design pressures up to 500 psig @ 650° F.
  • Corrosion allowance of 1/16” ensures many years of service.
  • We can provide custom designed separators to handle your unique flows and efficiency requirements. The separators can also be custom manufactured using a variety of alloys.
  • As a family owned and ASME certified Fabrication Company, we provide quality products and services beyond your expectation.

In addition, we at Didion’s Mechanical provide specialized services such as cold shocking, decay testing, stress relieving, hydro testing, radiography, pneumatic testing, sandblasting and painting to meet all of your separator and pressure vessel specifications. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.