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Didion’s Mechanical – Industries Served

Serving the Needs of a Variety of Industries

Industries all around the world have a continual need of quality designed and manufactured pressure vessels as well as other industrial fabricated products. At Didion’s Mechanical, we understand exactly how high this importance is, and take precise steps to manufacture industrial products that meet your industry’s requirements while adhering to global quality standards.

We utilize our extensive knowledge and experience to design, engineer, and fabricate high quality pressure vessels for specific industrial applications. We are the leading choice of many organizations for their fabrication requirements. We cater to the following industrial sectors:

At Didion’s Mechanical, we have extensive design, manufacturing, and specialized service capabilities to produce various types of pressure vessels, high pressure vessels, heat exchangers, autoclaves, cryogenic vessels, vacuum chambers, and power piping systems for various industries.

We provide our industrial customers ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codecertified products, and if required can certify to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (P.E.D.). We hold U, U2, U3, S, and PP stamps, allowing us to manufacture industrial products with standard and custom specifications for industrial applications.

We understand that quality products can help safeguard an industrial operation as well as the lives of employees. To meet global safety requirements, our products undergo intensive NDT inspection methods as well as radiography. We perform most of our services in-house and depend little on outsourced companies. This allows us to manufacture your equipment according to the required standards while meeting your application and delivery requirements.