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Didion Autoclave - Glass Laminating Autoclaves

Advanced Glass-Laminating Autoclave Solution

The glass industry often makes use of autoclaves for laminated glass, which is a type of safety glass that holds together in the event of fracture. This type of glass has many uses including architectural, automotive, and safety glass. Didion Autoclave designs and fabricates complete glass laminating autoclave systems. We will customize our autoclaves to accommodate your unique requirements. The complete systems include as needed the equipment and controls required for cooling, pressurization, vacuum, and material handling.

Glass laminating autoclave fabrication and design cannot be taken lightly as the high temperatures and temperature uniformity required throughout the autoclave can be difficult to achieve, but you can be assured that our autoclaves will meet your specific requirements. Our computerized controls and valves give you the ability to ramp the temperatures up or down very gradually in order to eliminate thermal shock to the glass and autoclave components.

As with any autoclave, safety of operation is a priority. You can rest assured that our autoclaves for glass lamination are among the safest in the industry. The safeties that we have incorporated into our glass laminating autoclave design meet code requirements and then go beyond. With these safeties, the opening of the door under even the slightest of pressure due to equipment error or human operator error is virtually impossible.

We are confident you will be very satisfied with not only a Didion autoclave, but also with the personal service you will receive throughout your project. Whether it be providing you with timely free quotes at the start of your project or giving service to your autoclave many years after you have begun operation, you can count on Didion Autoclave!

Features of our Glass Laminating Autoclaves

Didion Autoclave, a glass laminating autoclaves manufacturer, is used by clients due to the following design traits:

  • User friendly
  • Distinct safety features
  • Custom design advantage
  • Full or semi-automatic controls
  • High temperature operations
  • Good heat distribution
  • Durable and reliable
  • Cost-effective without the loss of qualiy
  • Excellent service

Email your enquiries for glass laminating autoclaves to, or if you prefer, feel free to reach us via telephone at 419-483-2226.