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Didion Autoclave - Concrete Curing Autoclaves

Autoclave Systems for Concrete Curing

Didion Autoclave, a concrete curing autoclaves manufacturer, can meet your needs for a concrete masonry curing autoclave. Many are not aware that in the production of certain types of concrete the process of autoclave curing is used. The material most often cured in these is autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) also known as autoclaved cellular concrete (ACC) which is a highly thermally insulated concrete-based material used for both internal and external construction. Concrete curing autoclaves are among the many types of autoclaves we produce, and like other applications they have their own unique design challenges such as thermal expansion and masonry debris collecting in condensate drains. Didion Autoclave will take your product, process, and operating conditions in to mind when designing your autoclave.

We manufacture autoclaves in a wide array of sizes from small to large diameter from low to high pressure. Our quick opening doors come with a number of safety features that meet and exceed code requirements. These safety features virtually eliminate the potential of over-pressurization, opening of the door while under pressure, and for the always dangerous human operator error.

Our engineering staff will stick with you long after your autoclave is shipped. We will give assistance with start-up as requested, and as the years go on, we can provide service to your autoclave. Our experienced fabricators and machinists will provide you with an autoclave that is of the highest quality and pretty to look at. With extensive experience in the design of pressure vessels and autoclaves, Didion Autoclave is a first stop for many industrial clients.

Characteristics of Our Concrete Curing Autoclaves

The following characteristics of Didion Autoclave’s concrete curing autoclaves custom designing and fabrication makes them stand apart from the rest:

  • Complete system design and start-up assistance
  • Large, high production units to small test size autoclaves
  • Custom designs to suit your needs
  • Customized controls to suit your needs
  • Made in USA
  • Reliable, safe, and efficient operation

Whatever your needs be, Didion Autoclave is more than willing to assist you in meeting your autoclave requirements. We possess the knowledge, experience, skills, and equipment required to fabricate autoclaves for all sorts of cement curing requirements.

Contact us today to talk to an engineer who can answer your queries regarding cement curing autoclaves. We also manufacture vulcanizers and sterilizers for different applications at our Bellevue, Ohio facility.

You can reach us via telephone at 419-483-2226, or you can email your enquiries to