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Didion Autoclave - Composite Autoclaves

Autoclave Systems for Composite Curing and Bonding

Didion Autoclave designs and builds autoclaves suitable for processing high-performance composite components. Our composite autoclaves are built and stamped in compliance with ASME Sect. VIII, Div. 1, 2, or 3. These units can also be built to meet the European P.E.D. and C.E. marked. We design and fabricate custom composite curing autoclaves in order to fulfill your specific composite bonding/curing requirements. Didion’s composite bonding autoclaves are available in standard as well as custom models with sizes up to 16 feet in diameter and 200 feet in length. Custom composite autoclave systems can be manufactured depending on specific application requirements. We fabricate autoclaves from carbon steel or various stainless steel alloys.

Our composite curing and bonding autoclaves can be used to process components at high operating temperatures and pressures. Our composite bonding autoclaves are apt for processing parts in aeronautical, automotive, and medical industries to name a few. The key components of a Didion autoclave system are the custom-built, quick-opening door and the computer control. Our standard door design is a rugged, low maintenance, low wear, breech-lock style with an air activated gasket. Some control features of our composite autoclaves include automated vacuum/pressure/temperature controls, automated door lock/unlock and open/close, and multilevel safeties. Our composite autoclaves include numerous mechanical safety features such as door safety interlocks and over-pressure & temperature protection beyond what is required by the code. With many autoclaves, when you look past the paint and decals you will see a lack of attention to detail, but with Didion Autoclave it is in the details that we shine. The designing and fabrication of our autoclaves have the precision that is expected from the high precision industries that use our composite autoclaves.

All of our autoclaves are manufactured in-house which enables us to have tight control over the quality and delivery of your equipment, and this is essential when it comes to composite bonding autoclaves fabrication. We also can provide loading and unloading carts for your composite bonding & curing autoclaves. Our extensive autoclave as well as pressure vessel manufacturing experience helps us meet nearly every requirement. We offer complete solutions, from design and fabrication to help with start-up.

Features of Our Composite Bonding and Curing Autoclave

Following beneficial traits of our composite curing and bonding autoclaves offer an added advantage to our customers:

  • ASME Code construction & C.E. mark if required
  • Automated quick opening and closing of door for faster load/unload cycles
  • Programmable heating, cooling, vacuum, and pressure rates
  • Independent monitoring of each vacuum bag
  • Uniform temperature distribution throughout autoclave, no hot and cold spots
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Comprehensive control systems

For more information and cost estimates, you can reach us via telephone at 419-483-2226. You can also email your enquiries to