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Certifications & Accreditations for Pressure Vessels & Boilers

Didion’s Mechanical has extensive experience in manufacturing and repairing pressure vessels and boilers. Listed below are the certifications we currently hold.

Certifications for Pressure Vessels

Didion’s Mechanical is a proud American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) stamp holder. We provide pressure vessels with the following certifications/ stamps:

  • We can certify vessels to P.E.D.(European Pressure Vessels Directive) and stamp "CE" mark.

  • ASME U Stamp :Manufacturing of Pressure Vessels (Shop and /or Field)

  • ASME U2 Stamp :Alternative Rules Section VIII, Division 2 (Shop and /or Field)

  • ASME U3 Stamp :Manufacturing of High Pressure Vessels (Shop and /or Field)

Certifications for Pressure Pipings

ASME-certified pressure piping is manufactured by us.

  • ASME PP Stamp :PP Stamp is used to manufacture and certify external piping used for power boilers and pressure vessels

Certifications for Boiler

Boiler Manufacturing

ASME has certified us with the S-stamp to manufacture boilers.

  • ASME S-Stamp :Manufacturing of Power Boilers (Steam/ High Temperature Water)

Repair, Maintenance, Alteration & Recertification of Boilers

National Board offers the R symbol stamp to accredited organizations.

  • National Board R Stamp Certificate

    The Certificate of Authorization has been awarded to Didion’s Mechanical allowing them to conduct repairs and make alterations to boilers.With the National Board’s guidelines, we can even recertify old equipment where the certification period has lapsed.

PP Stamp Certificate S Stamp Certificate NB R Stamp Certificate