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Didion Autoclave, a subsidiary of Didion’s Mechanical, engineers, designs, and fabricates A.S.M.E code certified autoclaves. We fabricate and repair autoclaves for all industrial applications. Unlike many industrial autoclaves manufacturers, we design and fabricate our own doors. Didion’s engineering acumen ensures that your autoclaves are not only code compliant and durable, but also safe and operator friendly. With many autoclaves, when you look past the paint and decals you will see a lack of attention to detail, but with Didion Autoclave it is in the details that we shine.

We hold the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) U, U2, U3, PP, & S stamps, and have the capabilities and resources to manufacture autoclaves to your exacting specifications. In addition to our autoclave fabrication services, we can provide the following services if requested: autoclave installation services, autoclave maintenance services, autoclave repair services, and autoclave calibration services. We also upgrade and refurbish used industrial autoclaves for sale to new users.

The Didion Autoclave Advantages

Air Activated Door Seal Design: With this type of seal there is very little metal to metal contact when opening and closing the door, unlike the common wedge-lock style of door sealing. Therefore, the design of this door is such that there is not any wear on the locking elements from the locking and unlocking of the door. This eliminates the maintenance of lubricating, adjusting, and/or replacing door wedges. Also, the locking lugs have greater contact area with one another resulting in a better distribution of stress on the lugs. Whereas the contact area is greatly reduced with the use of wedges. Another advantage of this seal type is that it takes very little force to lock and unlock the door. This makes it very easy to operate manually and results in less wear on the door mechanisms. If the air activated gasket were to lose its pressure while the vessel is under pressure, it still holds the pressure of the vessel as we have proven under test.

Robust Door Design: Our door rings and hinges are designed to ensure that there is not any deformation of the rings nor the vessel shell. We go beyond the requirements of ASME allowable stresses. This helps to ensure the long life of your autoclave and greatly minimizes the need to perform maintenance to adjust the door.

Customizable: We are willing to customize our autoclaves to your needs. Including control packages, door openers, heating methods, ect. Even if you prefer a different type of door seal, such as a wedge-lock style, we can accommodate you. Of course, if you need help selecting what options are best for your operation, you can rely on our expertise to assist.

Shop Test Run: We will test run your autoclave at our shop with your operating program. This ensures that you will have a problem free start up at your facility.

Family Operated Business: We give special attention to the quality of each custom fabrication that leaves our shop, and we respond quickly to your questions and concerns. We also have the drive to meet what seems at times to be impossible completion dates. These attributes are often lost with large corporations.

In-House Capabilities: Engineering, drafting, fabrication, machining, radiography, and heat treatment facilities help us to keep tight control over the quality and delivery of each pressure vessel, which is often lost with the use of subcontractors. With little dependence on third party vendors, we are able to honor your deadlines.

Types of Autoclaves

The Didion Autoclave team is standing by to assist you with your autoclave requirements. For more information, please send us an e-mail at or call us at (419)483-2226 .

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  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
Door Seals
  • Air Activated Gasket or Wedge Lock Style
Max. Diameter
  • 16 Ft.

Max. Pressure
  • Unlimited
Max. Weight
  • Unlimited
Pressurizing Medium
  • Air
  • CO2
  • GN2
Heating Methods
  • Steam
  • Electric
  • Heat Exchanger
Door Lock/Unlock
  • Manual
  • Hydraulic
  • Electric
  • Air
Door Open/Close
  • Manual
  • Hydraulic
  • Electric
  • Air
  • Partlow
  • Honeywell
  • Manual
  • Allen Bradley (Others available)