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Type DSU, Up Flow Separators (Steam & Moisture Separators)

Steam and moisture separators are essential products to improve the life expectancy and efficiency of industrial equipment. The Didion Separator Co., a subsidiary of Didion’s Mechanical, manufactures steam and moisture separators designed to remove the liquid droplets and particulates entrained in air, steam and other gas processes.

Didion’s steam separators remove the entrained condensate in applications that require dry steam. The entrainment is collected and drained away, and sometimes converted into flash stream at lower pressures. Our moisture separators are designed to remove high amounts of liquid contaminants from various types of gas and air systems. Type DSU, up flow, separators are excellent for gas flows with a high percentage of entrained liquid.

Features of Didion’s Separator Steam & Moisture Separators

We have the technical knowledge and manufacturing capabilities to produce separators that can remove 99% of entrainment 10 microns and larger with our standard designs. We can provide better efficiencies with our custom designs. Our in-line separators can be provided to suit your flow configuration. Our internal separation elements utilize centrifugal force as the primary means of separation.

The beneficial features of our steam and moisture separators include:

  • They can handle large amounts of dirt, oil, and pipe scales.
  • Stainless steel interior elements provide for rugged design and lasting performance.
  • The centrifugal interior elements are self-cleaning. This helps to reduce maintenance cycles and maintain efficiency unlike vane and chevron style elements.
  • Each moisture and steam separator is designed with 1/16” of corrosion allowance, thus providing years of continuous service.
  • Units can be customized in suit your unique flow rates and pressure ratings.
  • The separators can also be manufactured with a variety of alloys.
  • Each size can accommodate a large window of flow conditions.


Our separators can be used to improve the operating efficiency of various types of pneumatic and processing equipment. The moisture separators can be utilized with different types of industrial compressors. Our steam separators are particularly known for fine scrubbing of geothermal steam. They also provide clean and dry steam to equipment such as autoclaves, turbines, heat exchangers, and platen presses.