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Type DSL, Horizontal / Down Flow Separators (Excellent When Used As Rough Natural Gas Separator)

Oil and gas applications that involve natural gas and steam pipelines are often in need of Type DSL separators for optimum performance. These separators work great when used as rough natural gas separators. This design has the capability to effectively separate liquids and particulate entrainment, thus providing gas that is free of moisture and other contaminants. At the Didion Separator Co., a subsidiary of Didion’s Mechanical, we understand the immense importance of gas separation, and provide type DSL in-line separators that can optimize the efficiency of gas and steam pipelines. Type DSL natural gas separators work in both the horizontal and vertical down flow configurations. If you require a vertical up configuration, our type DSU separator would be your answer.

Our standard separation products have the capability to eliminate 99% of all entrainment 10 microns and larger. This makes them an excellent choice for the rough separation of natural gas. If you require finer separation and better efficiencies, we can custom design to suit your needs. Hazardous particulate matter such as pipe scale, sludge, and liquids are efficiently removed to provide clean natural gas. When used in the vertical down flow position, Type DSL separators can handle a large percentage of liquid, but not as much liquid when used in the horizontal position. Therefore, because of the greater capacity to handle liquids in horizontal flows, Type DST separators are often chosen over the Type DSL separator. Please keep in mind though that Type DSL separators are less expensive. We would be happy to assist you in selecting which model is best for your gas flow in order for you to get the most effective model, while at the same time make the best use of your funds.

Features of Didion’s Mechanical DSL Separators

Our gas separators are the first choice for industrial customers thanks to the following solution driven features.

  • The internal elements are self-cleaning, which minimizes maintenance. This ensures maintained efficiencies unlike vane or chevron style separators.
  • Standard 150# units can accommodate design pressures up to 150 psig at 500° F.
  • Standard 300# units can accommodate design pressures up to 500 psig @ 650° F.
  • Stainless Steel is used for the internal elements to provide enhanced resistance to corrosion.
  • Standard units feature corrosion allowance of 1/16” for uninterrupted service.
  • We can provide custom designed separators to handle your unique flows and efficiency requirements. The separators can also be custom manufactured using a variety of alloys.
  • As a family owned and ASME certified fabrication company, we provide quality products and services beyond your expectation.


Our natural gas separators are used in a number of applications in various industrial sectors.

  • Chemical Processing
  • Deep Well Heads
  • Gas Well Heads
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Landfill/Waste Gas
  • Oil Extraction
  • Reactors
  • Scrubbing Systems
  • Steam Turbines